The Personal Butcher
Quality. Meats. Convenience.

We believe that quality meat shouldn't be a hassle to get your hands on. We want every home in America to have access to the best quality meat and with the same convenience as getting the mail from your mailbox.

So we created The Personal Butcher where we source the highest quality meats and deliver them directly to your door. For a limited time, and to promote the launch of our business, we're offering FREE BACON for the lifetime of your membership!

With every delivery you get, you'll get a 12oz package of applewood smoked bacon, FREE. No questions asked.
Here's how it works
  1. Select one of our curated packages
    Our boxes are carefully selected for variety & have only the highest quality beef, chicken & pork.
  2. The Delivery
    Within days, you'll receive an insulated package filled with delicious meat directly to your door.
  3. Dig in
    Use your own recipes or steal one from us, either way you'll be ready to cook and feast on the best meat you've tasted in years.
About The Personal Butcher
We've done the research on over a dozen farms and have carefully chosen to partner with producers that have lower than 4.5% greenhouse gas emissions. We also invest into improvements in crop yields, machinery technology and irrigation techniques. We're doing our part in creating a sustainable ecosystem for the betterment of the industry.
  1. Packaging
    Our personal butcher packages quality products into air-tight bags. We use insulated packaging with over 1lb of dry ice to make sure the meat gets to you in perfect condition.
  2. Freight
    We have partnered with UPS for delivery via ground or air transport.
  3. Delivered to your doorstep
    Sit back and relax, we'll deliver directly to your doorstep.